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The Shark

The largest fish and the most feared by man.  Sharks live in every ocean.  The shark has no natural predator other than the killer whale.  The physiology of the shark is beyond any other hunter, with eight amazing sensory organs and jaws so powerful, it remains unrivaled in the animal kingdom.  The tenacity of their will to live is extremely impressive.  Gaffed, harpooned, shot, torn open, they are still able to move swiftly and rip apart their victims.  The evolution of the shark is amazing, considering they have remained unchanged for over 350 million years.

It's not surprising that sharks are the topic of many books, movies, and nightmares.  It's also not surprising that there is such confusion between fact and fiction due to the fear of sharks.

In this site, you'll find how sharks are essential to the equilibrium of the marine biotope and how sharks are the only animals that have undergone virtually no evolutionary changes in millions of years.  You'll find history of sharks and the physiology of sharks as well as the many uses for them in science and medicine.

We'll show you information about shark attacks on man, and attacks from other deadly aquatic creatures.  If you've ever ventured into the water or you plan to do so, you'll definitely want to browse through this site.

On this site, you'll find shark merchandise available to purchase online.  We have links to buy shark apparel and accessories, books, DVDs, VHS, posters, stickers, toys and games.

You may also be interested in the Directory of Sharks which includes many well known sharks such as the Great White, Tiger, Bull, and more.

Take a look at Stats Vs. Myths to see some of the common Preconceived Ideas of sharks and the actual facts behind them.

You can view Shark History which shows how the opinion of sharks have changed through the years and why there has been such a fascination with them.

The section on Shark Anatomy is very extensive and should leave you with no questions as to how the shark is such a phenomenal predator.

You can also check out some Interesting Information about some little known facts about sharks.

Then there's our most popular section: Shark Attacks.  We show you certain accounts through history, different reasons for an attack, and some preventative measures.  Definitely a section you should look in to.

Fact and Fiction will show you information on how sharks react to captivity and their ability to adapt to their surroundings.  There are some theories of shark evolution and information on their social behavior and reproduction.

Check out Shark Uses and see how sharks are used in certain cuisines and pharmaceuticals.  You can see how they affect the fishing industry and why they were chosen to be used in cinema such as they box office hit Jaws.

Take a look at some Other Animals that have some comparable features to sharks and some that are equally feared.

We hope that your visit to will answer and questions about sharks and give you as much knowledge of these amazing creatures as you could have hoped for.